Plug In’s

The plugins are another great feature to add dynamics and user-friendliness to your blog.

One of the plugins that I added was the table plugin.  I have added tables in many different documents but I felt that this plugin was giving many issues when trying to add a table to my documents.  It would only show the rows in outline and would not show the columns.  Not sure if I did something wrong, but I played around with it from a while.  This is the table that I added in using the plugin.

Fall Winter Spring
D.F. 9 13 16
O.F 8 12 15
M.G 15 20 26
I.T 12 14 18
S.K 7 10 14
E.P 10 18 21
Averaged Total: 10 14 20

The other plugin that I was supposed to add was a Compfight.  I was not able to find that listed in the plugin area.

The last one that we were supposed to add in was visual editor.  The visual editor that was in the plugin area was only for pro members.

I do see that there is a place for plugins in the blogging world.  I hope to be able to become more familiar with them as I continue becoming more familiar with blogging.

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