Blogs.. a community for learners

It has been interesting as I have started to explore blogs this week.  Honestly, I have never really been the “blog” type person, but I do see that there is a place for them in the online world.

  •  is one of the blogs that I have looked at during this week.  There seems to be A LOT of great information on this blog.  I have really enjoyed reading about growth mindset, which I think is an important concept to be teaching our students.

I feel that Twitter, Feedly, and Flipboard have their places in the online community as well.  I am not a huge proponent for spending more time with my face to a screen, so I am not someone that looks at these and probably never will.  I also am not someone that really looks at blogs, so I really do not have a way to stay up to date with the different blogs that I follow.


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